July 25, 2013
Online Pre-Registration for Shelby County Schools Now Available

Parents can now complete online pre-registration for any student who was enrolled in a SCS or MCS school at the end of the 2012-2013 school year. Parents who use the online pre-registration tool are still required to visit the school on registration day, Tuesday, July 30, to show proof of residency or approved transfer. Some forms will need to be completed at the school. Also, parents must bring the online summary page to the school on registration day as proof the online pre-registration process has been completed. 

We encourage all parents of returning students to complete pre-registration. Completing online pre-registration will greatly shorten the time required at the school on registration day. 

Click here - scsapps.scsk12.org/enrollapp/EbizMcsStudentRegistration/Welcome.aspx - to complete online pre-registration. Additional registration information is available by visiting www.scsk12.org/backtoschool.


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